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Uchimura (内村 Uchimura) was the previous owner of Sunekosuri, but died as the yōkai unintentionally drained the last of his lifeforce.[1]


Uchimura is an elderly man, he appeared quite malnourished, likely from Sunekosuri draining his energy. He has short gray hair, with short stubble around his mouth and chin. He wears a green long-sleeved shirt and pants, shoes, and socks moments before dying. It is said that he looked like a mummy when the other villagers had found him.[1]


Uchimura cares for Sunekosuri, having taken care of him and letting him affectionately rub his shin. He also smiles at his pet arriving before the last of his energy is drained and dying.[1]


2018 Anime

Uchimura is in his home coughing hysterically, unsure of why he is so sick. Sunekosuri arrives by his side and he is happy to see his pet, but after Sunekosuri rubs against his leg, his cough worsens and he immediately collapses, his arm going through his shoji wall. As the last of his energy is drained, he dies and becomes shriveled. The villagers described his body, stating that it resembled that of a mummy. His home is then left abandoned by the time Sunekosuri started living with Masae.[1]



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