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Umibōzu (海坊主 Umibōzu, lit. Sea Priest) is a race of water yōkai that appear throughout the GeGeGe no Kitarō franchise.


Umibōzu is a large yōkai with black skin, it is unknown what most of his body looks as the rest is submerged underwater, though he does at least have a left arm. His face is rather simple, having a pair of large eyes with white sclerae, black irises, and white pupils.

Some of Umibōzu were originally humans that transformed into mermen or yōkai.

Within the 2018 anime, Umibōzu appears with black, rubbery skin and lacking hair, he is quite big as most of his body is submerged underwater, though he has shown that he has a left arm. He has a rather simple face, having large eyes with light blue sclerae, black irises, and white pupils, his mouth resembles that of a squid's, being cylindrical and grey at the lips.[1]




1968 Anime

He appears in episode #54 of the first anime adaptation, Yōkai Rally.[2]

1985 Anime

He appears in episode #51 of the third anime adaptation, World Yōkai Rally.[3]

2018 Anime

He first appears in episode #24 of the sixth anime adaptation, Nezumi-Otoko's Disappearance!? Sekiyō's Trap. Umibōzu awakens under the waters of a peer where Sekiyō clashes with Kitarō and Ittan-Momen, the former later senses his presence. Just as they are about to be swallowed into the tornado form of Sekiyō, Kitarō calls forth Umibōzu, who smacks Sekiyō's boulder form into the sea. Kitarō thanks him and grabs Sekiyō before she could escape. Later as the group decides on what to do with Sekiyō, Umibōzu suggests that he keep her as a pet for a while, much to her objection as she calls for help. He is about to leave, when Nezumi-Otoko demands that he release Sekiyō. While at first angered from his order, after he states that he will fight him for her, Umibōzu decides to let her go.[1]

Powers and Abilities

Underwater Breathing: Because he lives underwater, Umibōzu is able to breathe and stay for long durations of time underwater, even capable of sleeping without any ill effects.

Water Gun:

Bubble Trap:


Shape shifting:


The Umibōzu of legend is said to live in the ocean, where it rises from the surface of the calm water and are said to be massive, with a giant black head, they lurch upwards and are capable of overturning ships. The spirit is said to have a large, round head resembling that of Buddhist monks' shaven heads, its appearance linking with its name meaning "sea priest".


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