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Ustrel (ウーストレル Usutoreru) is a species of small yōkai and minions of Kōmori-Neko along with Poltergeist. Kōmori-Neko keeps many of these small vampires within his body.


In the 1996 anime, Ustrel are small spherical yōkai covered in short green hair. They have purple skin with large mouths filled with sharp, white teeth and red tongues.



1996 Anime

Multiple Ustrels appeared.

Powers and Abilities

Blood Draining: Ustrel are able to drain the blood of their victims, such as Yōkai.


It also controlled a mirage of Daidarabotchi created by Nurarihyon.

It can instantly turn into spirit-like being when it either returns into its master's body or sneak into target's clothes.


Legends from Bulgaria about a vampire called Ustrel, where it is believed to be the spirit of a Christian child who was born on Saturday but died before being baptized. It will then rise out of its grave nine days after their burial and will prey on the cows. It will start with the healthiest and fattest of a herd of cattle, going to the next one and leaving the last drained of blood. Within ten days of feeding, it will become strong enough to remain above ground, nestled in the horns of a cow or between their hind legs and it will continue to feed unless it stopped. Needfires will rid the vampire from the herd where it will simply drop off the cow as it passes through the flames. However, for several days no one should approach the remains of the fire, for it will call out their name and then follow them home. If one chooses to simply ignore it, a wolf will eventually come and kill it.



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