Uwan (うわん Uwan) is a yōkai.


Uwan is a large human-like yōkai, with pale teal skin, wearing a pale gray loincloth held by a yellow rope as his only clothing. He has a thick neck, stubble of hair form a slight beard, strands of hair cover his chests, forearms, legs and feet. His body has a big build and is rather disproportionate, having long arms that reach his feet, his forearms are rather thick, with equally large hands and his legs are very muscular. His eyes, which are usually kept closed, have yellow sclerae,dark orange irises and black pupils and he often smiles.



Fifth Anime

He appears in episode #20 of the fifth anime adaptation, Voice From the Dark! Ghost Spot.

Powers and Abilities

In 2005, he can not speak human speech and shouts only "Uwan!".

Physical Strength

Sudden Appearing

Destiny: Uwan would be vanished into eternal darkness if he is witnessed by humans. Using this, he dragged Kurobōzu into eternal darkness and sacrificed himself.


It is named for the distinctive sound it makes, crying out from the darkness: “Uwan!”

Uwan are occasionally encountered outside of old buildings and temples, where they like to assault lone passersby by leaping out of the shadows and shouting, “Uwan!” 



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