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Wild (ワイルド Wairudo), or Wolfman Wild (狼男ワイルド Ōkami-Otoko Wairudo), is a werewolf and a member of the Western Yōkai's Young Generation.


Wild is a young werewolf with bright brown fur, triangular ears with pink insides, sharp white teeth and eyes with yellow scelrae and small black pupils. He is a flamboyant individual, wearing makeup, having pink eyeshadow, black lower lashline and has painted his claws red. He wears a purple sleeveless jacket, matching thigh high shorts that is held in place by a white belt with a gold belt buckle, gold bracelet on his right wrist and black shoes.


Wild is an effeminate young man, preferring to wear makeup and has a flamboyant fashion. He has a troublesome relationship with Zambia, where the young Witch mocks his painted nails and where they both argue with each other.


2007 Anime

Powers and Abilities

Wild, being a werewolf, has the normal powers of a werewolf. He has long and sharp claws. He has shown to have immense power and fighting skill, for he had clashed with Gokan-Ō's swordsmanship with his bare hands. Like Zambia to Pumpkins and Dracula III to bats, has control over the Maken.



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