World Mysteries (世界怪奇, Sekai Kaiki) was a manga anthology written and illustrated by Shigeru Mizuki and published monthly in Big Comic magazine on the first day of the months between April and November 1968. The stories are based on folk and mythological legends of cultures other than Japan.

Some chapters of the series were adapted as episodes of the 1971 anime of GeGeGe no Kitarō.




# Title Date Country
01 Yōkai Flower Alraune April 1, 1968 Germany
02 The Woman of Angkor Wat May 1, 1968 Cambodia
03 Easter Island Epitaph June 1, 1968 Easter Island
04 The Rainbow Kingdom Agartha July 1, 1968 Agartha
05 Neko-Mata's Love August 1, 1968 Singapore
06 Invitation from the South September 1, 1968 New Guinea
07 Persian Twilight October 1, 1968 Iran
08 Amagami Yumuchaac November 1, 1968 Mexico


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