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Yama-Tengu (山天狗, Mountain Tengu) is a tengu.


Yama-Tengu is physically one of the largest Tengu in the series.

His appearance in the six anime adaptation is more loyal to his original design used for Yōkai Encyclopedia by Shigeru Mizuki rather than his appearance in the series, but with more enlarged nose and more elongated fangs.


Unlike in the GeGeGe no Kitarō series, Yama-Tengu appeared in the Tale of Mount Osore is a protagonist.


Kinoko (story)

1985 Anime

Yama-Tengu appeared in the episode 89 Kinoko and Yōkai Yama-Tengu.

The Tale of Mount Osore

2018 Anime

He appeared in episode 52 Runaway Girl! The Forest of the Kinoko.



Kitarō under a nose spell

Nose Spell: Yama-Tengu can cast a spell on one's nose to extend like that of a tengu.

Nose Hair Needles (天狗の鼻毛針, tengu no hanagi-bari): Similar to Momon-Jii, Yama-Tengu is able to fire an his nose hair at his target. In the sixth anime adaptation, his nose glows red when using this attack.[1][2]

Fan: Like other tengu, he uses a fan as his main weapon by manipulate the wind. He is able to form a tornado that is able to carry him away from his opponent, as well as being able to use it slice through a wooden container.[2]

  • Tengu Stones (Tengu-Tsubute): He generates and throws a barrage of rocks, which are surrounded by a green aura, at his opponent.[2]

Tengu Topple (Tengu-Daoshi): Yama-Tengu punches the ground and causes the nearby branch-less trees to fall, as this happens they glow green.[2]


In Shigeru Mizuki's works, Tengu-Daoshi and Tengu-Tsubute were more focused and were introduced as (presumed) supernatural phenomenons in mountains rather than the specific yokai Yama-Tengu.


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