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Yamagami or Yama-no-Kami (山神 Mountain God) is a god of mountain. A group of Tofu-Kozō serve the god.


Yamagami has an appearance akin to the traditional image of a mountain hermit as he resembles an old man with white hairs and holds a staff.




As humans deforested Yamagami's mountain, the god was weakened and Tofu-Kozō avenged to humans with their mold tofu which can cause molds all over one's body who eats the tofu and eventually kill the humans. As it also regenerates and spreads with its spore, Kitarō and others were also infected with the molds from Nezumi-Otoko and became ill until Medama-Oyaji asked Tenjō-Name for a help and the latter recovered the victims with gastric juice.

As Kitarō and others knew that tofu is indeed the weakness of Tofu-Kozō and attacked the tofu, all but one of tofu-yōkai were defeated. Then Yamagami appeared and negotiated with Kitarō and others and saved the remaining Tofu-Kozō.

1985 Anime

Humans deforested Yamagami's mountain to create a theme park, and Tofu-Kozō attacked humans with molds. Kitarō saved the humans with a liquid which is a diluted gastric juice of Tenjō-Name. Nezumi-Otoko also suffered from the mold and Kitarō and others carried him to the Yōkai Apartments, but Sunakake-Babaa and Neko-Musume were also infected.

Kitarō and Medama-Oyaji went to the mountain, but as Tofu-Kozō were not pleased with Kitarō's action, they attacked Kitarō and infected him with molds. Medama-Oyaji asked Tenjō-Name for a help and the latter recovered Kitarō and others with gastric juice.

Kitarō knew that Tofu-Kozōes' weak spot is their tongues, he easily defeated them. As Yamagami appeared and explained the situation, Kitarō and others decided to help Yamagami and Tofu-Kozō to stop deforestation by scaring off humans, and they succeeded to do so.

Powers and Abilities

As a mountain god, Yamagami weakened when humans deforested and damaged soils and waters.

Tofu: Yamagami has a special tofu called Kabi-Otoshi (カビ落とし, meaning. Mold Cleaner) which can clean the body of those who ate Tofu-Kozōes' mold tofu.





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