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Yato-no-Kami (ヤトノカミ Yato-no-Kami), known as Jashin or Hebigami (蛇神, lit. Snake God) or Ancient Yōkai (古代妖怪 Kodai Yōkai) in ancient days, is a yōkai god and the main antagonist of the 2007 anime movie, GeGeGe no Kitarō: Nippon Bakuretsu!!. In the movie, he poses as Kyōya Kazamatsuri (風祭京夜 Kazamatsuri Kyōya), Hana's younger brother.


Yato-no-Kami's eye in size comparison

As Kyōya he appears as a short boy, around Kitarō's height, with black hair that reaches up to his ears, orange irises in his eyes, and fair skin. He wears a green long-sleeved collared shirt with a yellow body, a pair of pale green shorts and green shoes with white tips and white socks.

When he reveals who he truly is, his body starts to morph into a more serpent-like form, having a long serpent lower body, he gains a horn with a spiral line going to the tip on his forehead, he gains broader shoulders and his arms become longer. He has light teal scales with dark teal spots arranged in spiral-like patterns, his hair becomes white, his irises turn yellow, his mouth is now filled with sharp teeth and his hands now have sharp nails. Seven salmon pink tomoe are aligned from his shoulders to his stomach.

Later his form changes again, his face is now much like an adult, with shorter hair that stands, his ears become sharper, his eyes now have black sclerae with purple irises and two black lines cross down through them. He now has a muscular build, with a dark teal pattern on his arms, the seven tomoe are now spread over his chest from shoulder to shoulder and his horn is longer with a more defined spiral pattern on it. He also now has a pair of legs, his arms end with eyeless serpent heads and his serpent tail is now attached to his back.

Yato-no-Kami's true body is that of a titanic sized, eight-headed serpent with a large midsection. His main head dwarfs several mountains and a city, while his other heads' necks are able to extend farther out to the northern and southernmost areas of Japan. He has pale green skin, with a scaly white stomach, while his midsection has numerous intricate red markings that reach the hood of his main head, a row of black spikes is aligned in the middle with the back having larger spikes spread beside them, the secondary heads are attached to the sides and the edges of the skin near the underside acts like a skirt of a slug. His main head resembles a cobra with a horn on the tip of his snout, a red spherical jewel sits in a crevice between his eyes, a pair of extensions that have orange hair underneath, two rows of black spikes on his hood, between the skin, which acts as a cloak, and the underside is a slate gray area that covers his mouth. His eyes are yellow with black, thin slit pupils and are sunken, with dark purple skin surrounding them, long black marks with purple spots appear on the slate gray area near the eyes. His mouth is filled with sharp white teeth and a long, red forked tongue. The seven secondary heads are all smaller, identical copies of each other head, they have pale yellow-green skin, with black crack-like markings across their necks, a white underside, and three pale green plates are aligned over one another above their giant eye. Their eyes have red sclerae with black, thin slit pupils, while their mouths are filled with sharp white teeth and red forked tongues.


It lived since the birth of this world and is willing to put this world full of rocks and soils once agian. In full form, he continuously repeated saying "die!" and tried to kill countless creatures. He also didn't show any sign of remorse to Orochi-Onna's self-sacrifice.


GeGeGe no Kitarō: Nippon Bakuretsu!!

Eons ago, Enma-Daiō defeated Yato-no-Kami who was trying to turn living world to dusts, and took and entrusted one of snake god's spirits to humans, moral corruptions and losing emotional trusts and bonds may loosen and re-awake the evil god. Enma-Daiō also sealed one of spirits into his own body. It was when one of Yato-no-Kami's fangs was broken off, and turned into Orochi-Onna.

Powers and Abilities

Even thought one of spirits was missing when it revived, Yato-no-Kami was still immensely powerful that Enma-Daiō noted that the living world would be demolished in a few days by the snake god.

Shapeshifting: Once he began remembering who he is, his false body starts transforming from his Kyōka form to resemble a more serpent-like form.

Venom Secretion: As he has snake-like physiology, Yato-no-Kami's false body is able to inject venom to his target through biting them. The venom is said to be so deadly that it would have killed Kitarō.

Snake Hands: While in his half-human form, his arms have snakeheads without eyes in place of hands that he can use as melee weapons. The arms can extend and be used as tentacles and whips.

Petrifying Poison Breath: Once he returns to his true body, Yato-no-Kami's other heads breathed out poisonous gases that turned organic beings, such as the birds and humans, to stone.

Immense Strength: Given his immense size, Yato-no-Kami in his true body is able to easily reduce a substantially sized area to rubble by simply landing on top of it.

Powerful Roar: Yato-no-Kami can emit a roar strong enough to create strong winds and cause a tsunami to occur.

Multiple Souls: Yato-no-Kami has eight separate souls, one was given to the humans after Enma-Daiō defeated Yato-no-Kami. The other seven were caught by Orochi-Onna.


Yato-no-kami or Yatsu-no-kami (夜刀神, lit. Night Sword God), are snake deities that appear in the Hitachi no Kuni Fudoki. They lived in the fields near the government office in Namegata county (gun). They were the object of great fear, as it was rumored that if anyone saw them then that person's family would be exterminated. A man named Yahazu no uji no Matachi cleared a field, where the Yato-no-Kami gathered and killed the serpent kami. Matachi then made a border by the mountain, declaring the land above to be the kami's whereas the fields belong to the humans, becoming the kami's priest and offering to worship it in exchange for not being cursed by them. Afterward, he built a shrine there and enshrined the Yato-no-Kami, where his descendants followed in his footsteps and continued to offer worship to the snake kami.[1]



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