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Yuki (ゆき Yuki) is a Hanyō Yuki-Onna that appears in the 2018 adaptation. Her boyfriend is a human named Shun.[1]


Yuki is young woman with pale skin, a slender build, pointy ears and long white hair with light blue highlights, that reaches to her knees, it is styled with a straight cut, her bangs and sidelocks are styled with a hime cut with, another pair of sidelocks resting above her chest and her ponytail is tied with a blue ribbon. Her eyes have blue irises with black pupils. Her outfit consists of a black shirt underneath a white blouse with a red ribbon tied under the collar, elbow-length sleeves and a long blue-gray pleated skirt. Her footwear consists of plum colored shoes.[1]


Yuki usually appears aloof, calm and collected, but is rather inexperience when it comes to feelings like love, including her own. She becomes very emotional towards things that distress her.[1]


2018 Anime

Yuki appears in episode #39 of the sixth anime adaptation, Yuki-Onna Snow White Love Report. Started dating after being pushed by Shun. She is on a romance consultation with Neko-Musume and Mana.[1]

Powers and Abilities

Snow Manipulation: As a Yuki-Onna, Yuki has the ability to manipulate and create snow. She can also drastically lower the temperature, turning hot water into ice in a matter of seconds when angered.[1]



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