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Yuki's Mother (ゆきの母 Yuki no Haha) appears in the 2018 adaptation. She is a Yuki-Onna who warns her daughter of the consequences of mingling with the lives of humans.[1]


She is Yuki-Onna with pale skin, a slender build and long white hair with lavender highlights that reaches her ankles, her bangs are parted above her left eye with a pair of locks hanging beside her face and another, much longer pair, resting above her chest. She also has pointy ears, lavender lips and sharp eyes with notable eyelashes and blue irises. She wears a plain white kimono, with a dark blue obi, supported by a purple obiage underneath and a dark purple obijime tied over it, around her waist, a dark purple haneri underneath her collar and a pair of white tabi socks.[1]



2018 Anime

Yuki's mother appears in episode #39 of the sixth anime adaptation, Yuki-Onna Snow White Love Report.[1]

Powers and Abilities

Snow Manipulation: She is able to generate and manipulate snow, a standard ability of the Yuki-Onna. Shown when she summons a miniature snow storm during her brief outbursts as she warns Yuki of the consequences of mingling with humans.[1]



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