Yuki-Hime (雪姫, lit. Snow Princess), or Yuki-Hime-chan (雪姫ちゃん), is a yōkai infant who is alledgedly Kitarō's little sister. She only appears in the Shonen Poppy manga series Yuki-Hime-chan and GeGeGe no Kitarō.


Yuki-Hime resembles a human toddler, with a bulbous head and puffy cheeks. Her hair is tied up in a needle thin topknot, tied with a bow. She wears nothing but a child's apron with a target design on it.



The details of her birth are never shown, but Nezumi-Otoko finds her abandoned in a graveyard. Enma-Daiō later confirms she is a blood relation of Kitarō's, and so she is taken in as his sister and named Yuki-Hime. Medama-Oyaji names her after Snow White.

Although she starts out acting like a normal baby, she later starts to use telekinetic and telepathic abilities and begins to speak. Because of her powers, she begins being targeted by various villains such as Dracula and Ōdako.




Rapid Growth:


  • She was modeled after Shigeru Mizuki's daughter. She was created at the request of his editor, who wanted the series to have a cute character in it. She has never appeared in any anime adaptation.
  • As Yuki-Hime has not appeared since Yuki-Hime-chan and GeGeGe no Kitarō, her relation to Kitarō is largely considered non-canon and she has since been referred to as his adopted sister. However, Shigeru Mizuki Memorial Museum officially states that Yuki-Hime is Kitarō's sister.


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