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Yuki-Otoko (雪男 Yuki-Otoko, lit. Snow Man) are snow yōkai that live in the cold climate areas of Japan.


There are two kinds of Yuki-Otoko that have appeared; a large apeman type and an oni-like type.

In the manga and the 1996 anime, Yuki-Otoko largely resembles Namahage but with a more slender, taller build.

In the 2007 anime, the Yuki-Otoko have muscular builds with long white fur that covers the majority of their body, leaving their pale pink faces, hands, and feet exposed. They have triangular noses, prominent, peach-colored lips, evenly spaced teeth, and eyes that have white sclerae, small yellow irises, and black pupils.


Yuki-Otoko in the 1996 anime was extremely hostile towards whoever he considered foes, but despite harshness towards Kitarō, his family's attacks on humans were to save wildlife from poaching.


1985 Anime

1996 Anime

2007 Anime

Powers and Abilities

Freezing Breath

Icicle Projections

Icicle Sword



Energy Shuriken

Blizzard Breath

List of Yuki-Otoko

Name Debut Series
Yuki-Otoko (character) GeGeGe no Kitarō (Shonen Magazine)


The term Yuki-Otoko refers to a sasquatch cryptid of Japan. Because they live in the cold mountains, they are considered a variation of the Yeti.


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