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Yumeko Tendō
Japanese 天童 夢子
English Tendō Yumeko
Nickname Yumeko-chan
Species Human
Gender Female
Age 4th Grader
Height 143cm
Weight 39kg
Affiliation Kitarō Family
Family Hoshirō Tendō (brother)
Masao Tendō (father)
Yūko Tendō (mother)
Dream Job Picture Book Author
Kitarō Love interests
Neko-Musume Frenemies
Nezumi-Otoko He has his moments
Shu-no-Bon He's not so bad
First Appearance
Anime Series 3 Episode 2 (1985)
Manga Nurarihyon's Final Battle (1986)
1985 anime Kyōko Irokawa
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Third Anime

Yumeko first appears in episode two of the third anime adaptation, Kagami-Jijii. In this episode, she met Kitarō and the others when a yōkai named Kagami-Jijii trapped her within a mirror.

She does not appear in every episode. The episodes where she did make appearances include, but are not limited to:

Neko-Sennin, Devil's Melody: Yasha, Ancient Yōkai: Keukegen, and Yōkai Iyami.

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