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Zambia (ザンビア Zanbia) is a witch and a member of the Western Yōkai's Young Generation. It is shown that she has a crush on Backbeard.


Zambia is a young witch with fair skin, a petite figure and lavender hair that is curled at the base. Her eyes have green irises with thin slit pupils and noticeable eyelashes. Her attire consists of a magenta witch hat that has a goldenrod belt tied around it a silver buckle and a floppy tip, a crimson red robe with khaki-colored shoulder guards and matching gorget that has an emblem with eight tips and a green eye, reminiscent of Backbeard, and white boots.


Zambia has been shown to be very sadistic in nature. She has sarcastic tendencies and also tends to insult or even hit Wild and Dracula III.


Fifth Anime

She first appears in episode 32 of the fifth anime adaptation, Landing! The Threat of Western Yōkai. She makes several other appearances throughout the series. 
Episode 95: Zambia makes another main appearance in episode #95, Yōkai Sweets! Operation Valentine.

Powers and Abilities

As with many witches throughout the series, Zambia possesses an assortment of magical abilities including to shoot pink-colored cloud as a weapon. She can summon objects out of thin air, she possesses some form of control over Pumpkins, and of course, fly. She is also skilled with attacking targets with needles.




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